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Should De Gea Should He Go

David De Gea’s move to Real Madrid is off thanks to some tardy paperwork management on either Man Yoo or Madrid’s side, but there are still six hours of transfer nonsense to endure on todays Transfer Deadline Day. This time of year has got so silly, Sky Sports started calling yesterday Transfer Deadline Day Eve. […]

Transfer Deadline Day

Today’s the day of the annual merry-go-round that is September Transfer Deadline Day! A day which every sports reporter must hate as they turn up to work in the morning to find out which football ground they’re going to have to stand outside for 12 hours and try to come up with some interesting news […]

Transfer Deadline Day

Today is the day of the football merry-go-round that is Transfer Deadline Day. The day when sports reporters stand outside football grounds, training grounds and chairmen’s houses waiting for the latest scoop on the possibility of a player maybe possibly moving to a new club. The day that people tweet and post on Facebook that […]