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Dream Team Site Down Again

Well it looks as though The Sun are having problems with the Dream Team site again as visitors to the site are greeted with a “we’re performing maintenance” screen. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted soon as it’s results day! UPDATE: Well it’s still down but hopefully they’ll have it sorted before Wednesday when the scores […]

Point Discrepancies

Received this email from The Sun this evening… Dream Team are aware that there have been some discrepancies with player points since the season began and that this may have had an affect on your team. Dream Team has made great efforts to make all corrections as a matter of upmost urgency and we are […]

Unable To Add A New Team

After Nic’s comments about All Star teams on the league page on the Dream Team site, I thought I’d go and create my annual ex-West Ham players team, What Could Have Been. Unfortunately there seems to be a bug with the Dream team site, where if you are logged in and try to add a […]