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Transfer Deadline Day

Oh, how I hate this day! Endless drivel spouting from the mouths of reporters “around the grounds” as they stand outside (please let it be raining) in the vain hope that they spot a player from another club drive past. Sky Sports News with their “Transfer Window Shuts in…” countdown timer. Thank you Sky Sports, […]

Summer Transfers – Updated

Here’s a list of some of the major transfers that have taken place this summer that may or may not affect your decision on who to put into your team. As usual there’s a lot of speculation as to which player’s going where and which clubs are pimping themselves to make them look an attractive […]

Silly Season Gets Underway

The first of this season’s big money transfers happened today when David Silva decided he fancied a season of sitting on the sub’s bench at Manche$ter Citeh. The Spanish striker signed for £24m on a four year contract. In 2008 Silva signed an improved five year contract with Valencia which would have kept him at […]

2010 Summer Transfers

Now that the World Cup has finished  and with less than a month to go before the Premier League kicks off, all eyes now turn to the transfer market as Man $ity and Chel$ea go head-to-head trying to snatch up the best players in the world with their hoards of cash while everyone else feeds […]