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February Manager of the Month

We’re already into the third month of the year and so it’s time to take a look at the results from February. A couple of teams quickly broke away from the rest of the league as they put their transfers to good use. Fringe Putters, The Lucky Dippers and Rabid Vienna all scored big points […]

February’s Manager Of The Month Results

As we head into the last three months of the season there are still a lot of points to be won. 6 teams are still battling away in Europe and 7 of the 8 teams left in the FA Cup are Premier League teams, only Reading coming from outside the top flight. The second transfer […]

February’s Manager of the Month Results

In a typical weekend of football, John and Wayne didn’t shake hands, United won the Carling Cup and Arsene Wenger managed to find something else to moan about. In an untypical weekend, Portsmouth managed to win a game! But it’s that time again to see who is the top Fantasy Soccerball manager with the Manager […]

Premier Bore Draw

So who would have thought that two teams, each entertaining in their own right and both playing for a place in the top four would produce a football match so dire that hammering nails into your forehead looked like a better way of spending your Sunday afternoon? But enough of all that, what’s been happening […]