So We Face The Final Curtain

With the last game of the English football season played at the weekend it’s time to wave goodbye to what pundits are already calling the 2015-16 season.

Leicester won the league, the two Manchesters won the cups, no-one won in Europe and Aston Villa, Norwich and Newcastle disappear into Championship oblivion next year never to be seen again. Probably.

In our own Fantasy Soccerball rags to riches story, Crawley Glovers almost replicated Leicester’s achievements in the mini league. Almost always propping up the table in the last few years they somehow managed to get themselves in a position to challenge for the Fantasy Soccerball Dream Team Mini League prize.

They pushed all the way to the end, but ultimately lost out by just nine points to Whata Mistaka To Maka with both teams having to nervously watch the FA Cup Final to see how this one game would affect the title.

Fringe Putters also put in a good shift, coming within 23 points of top spot and making up the top three.

At the other end, 50 Shades of O’Shea walk away with the figurative wooden spoon with just 1433 points, while Bayern Bru also failed to hit 1500 points for the season, earning the right to also be laughed at.

The final table for this year looks exactly like this:

Fantasy Soccerball Dream Team Mini League Final Table

And so, as Louis Van Gaal sits alone wondering if he’s got a job at Old Trafford next year, and Jose Mourinho sits alone wondering if he’s got a job at Old Trafford next year, we bid farewell to the Premier League and fantasy football for another year and the dark days of no club-football to watch.

But on the plus side, the Euros are only a month or so away…

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