Emergency Transfers

Last year, Dream Team introduced the Emergency Transfer which gave you the chance to make a panicked change to your team when one of your players got injured or left the club. There were two of them last year, one in each half of the season.

It must have been received quite well because this year they are increasing it to five. You can still only change one player in each emergency transfer and they will be spread between the proper Transfer Windows:

The five ‘Emergency Transfers’ will be during the following periods:
Emergency Transfer Window 1: August 8 – September 1
Emergency Transfer Window 2: September 12 – November 10
Emergency Transfer Window 3: November 21, 2015 – January 26, 2016
Emergency Transfer Window 4: February 6 – March 22
Emergency Transfer Window 5: April 2 – May 28

So if you’ve got Leighton Baines in your team, it’s probably best that you utilise the first one now because he’s now going to be out of action for three months!

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