Funny Dream Team Names

You spend ages playing about with players and formations, trying to get that perfect blend of defensive strength, midfield scorers and top strikers for your Dream Team. You shift players in and out, trying to build around a set of key players who you know are going to score you points and then hope that the £5m you’ve got left can buy you 3 players who will score more than ten points between them.

Then you go and call your team Dave’s Team! Where’s your imagination people? The time you’ve spent on setting up your team deserves a bit more thought and attention to its name.

We here at Fantasy Soccerball are sick and tired of seeing Fantasy Football team names along the lines of Dave’s Team or Insert Your Own Name Here XI and so we’ve put together a list of punny football team names to give you some inspiration…

Utak Defoe King Pearce
Steaua Needarest
Dyslexia Untied
Red Star Bellend
Sporting Lesbian
Grass Smokers Zurich
Hajduk Spliff
LSD Eindhoven
Real Sosobad
Shackthar Senseless
Hardly Athletic
St. Mirnoff
Real Ale Madrid
Fred West Ham
Unreal Madrid
Rapid Viagra
Bayern Bru
Athletico Madras
Deportivo Lack a Talent
Bayer Neverlusen
Borussia Nosobad
Sparka Fag
Big Bertha Berlin
Inter Masister
Substandard Liege
Torpedo Belgrano
Bayer Leverarchfile
FC Copenbadly
Sporting Abeergut
Dinamo Mince
Red Stripe Belgrade
Fake Madrid
Unathletic Madrid
Outer Milan
AC A Little Silhoutte Of Milan
Athletic Bilbao Baggins
Borrusia Teeth
Breast Rummidge Albion
Exeter Swiftly
Fritzl Palace
Inter Me-Nan
Inter Yer Mam
Murder On Zidane’s Floor
Parmesan Belgrade
Real Madras
Shakhtar Brains Out
Shakhtar From-Behind
The Good, The Bad And The Beardsley
Van Percy Pigs
A Message To You Rooney
Pleased To Michu
Fiorentina Turner
Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels
Slumdog Mignolet

If you’ve come across any other funny football team names recently or think you can do better then post a comment below! Would be good to see some more funny dream team names based around footballer’s names…

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