All Over For Another Year

Boring Chelsea won the league and Rumbelows Milk Cup and Arsenal won the FA Cup. But who won the all-important, the Fantasy Soccerball Dream Team Mini League.

Fringe Putters had been the early leaders and stayed in and around the top three for most of the season. Dirty Sanchez and Stow FC also flirted with the top three spots throughout the season while Dyslexia Untied were the Liverpool of the league, threatening to break the top teams but never quite making it.

Despite a very slow start, where they were in the bottom three for the first few months Biggsy’s Wasters eventually hit the top of the table in February and no other team could topple them, eventually winning by a 47-point margin from Dirty Sanchez.

At the other end, the major shock must have been Crawley Glovers not finishing last. This accolade goes to The Mighty Saints who were nearly 100 points adrift of second last El Worldies.

The final league table for the season looks a little something like this:

League Table

So congratulations to Biggsy’s Wasters, will they be around next year to defend their title?

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