November Manager Of The Month

As we head into the festive month of December it can only mean one thing, that’s right, November’s Manager of the Month award!

The international break meant that there were fewer games than normal and hopefully all managers were able to use the transfer window effectively and ditch the dead wood from your team. Looking at the some of the scores this month, it seems that most of you did. Either that or you were incredibly lucky!

There were three teams battling it out for first place as they moved ahead of the rest of the league. Biggsy’s Wasters were out in front for most of the month and Dirty Sanchez weren’t too far behind. But thanks to a high scoring weekend StowFC managed to catch up and overtake them to take the top spot for November with a pretty decent 198 point total.

Shock of the month must go to the Crawley Glovers who, despite sitting bottom of the table, were the 4th highest scoring team of the month. The other league stragglers beware.

Here is what the final November table looked like:

Fantasy Soccerball League Table

To see what the overall league table looks like head on over to the League Table page. And if you’re playing for cash, there’s the Prize League Table page as well.

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