Transfer Deadline Day

Today’s the day of the annual merry-go-round that is September Transfer Deadline Day!

A day which every sports reporter must hate as they turn up to work in the morning to find out which football ground they’re going to have to stand outside for 12 hours and try to come up with some interesting news to fill the time until that one special transfer happens at a ground that they’re not at.

It’s the only day of the year that I hope that it absolutely pisses it down with rain!

It’s got to the stage now that Sky actually advertise the fact that it’s TDD to get people to watch their program about a week in advance!

‘News’ comes in almost constantly, as some bloke somewhere claims to have seen a player arrive at a specific ground, and speculation reaches fever pitch the closer you get to midnight as the news desk try to fill in every second with some old bollocks about a player that no-one really gives a shit about!

The only upside to Transfer Deadline Day is the opportunity to see Harry Redknapp being interviewed through his car window.

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