Manager Of The Month For September

The final game of the month took place last night as Everton cruised into a 3-goal lead against Newcastle, failed to kill them off and nearly let them back into it but eventually held on to win 3-2. Lukaku took the star man points with his two goals and assist.

So now the month has ended it’s time to take a look at the Manager of the Month table for September. Hopefully everyone managed to remember to utilise the transfer window when it was open at the beginning of the month and dumped the dead weight from their squad. Although from the looks of some people’s scores either they didn’t or they chose poorly!

For those taking part in the Cash Prize League, take a look at the Prize League page for a breakdown of just those teams playing for cold, hard cash.

In the overall league, there was a clump of 8 teams all scoring between 150 and 160 points that took up 4th to 11th places. Just ahead of these teams was Dyslexia Untied with 174 points and then The Mighty Saints, a further 18 points in front.

However, there was one team out in front from the start of the month and they couldn’t be caught as they built up an unassailable lead and ended up 44 points ahead of second place. So congratulations to AC A Little Silhouetto, their 236 points for the month helped catapult them from 16th position in the league at the beginning of the month to the top spot.

The full league table for September looks like this:

Fantasy Soccerball League Table

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