Marching On In Europe

It was a good week for English clubs, and Swansea, in Europe this week. The Mancs, Arsenal, Spurs, and Swansea all came away with convincing wins, while Wigan manged a draw away to a team that sounds like a villain from Flash Gordon.

The only team to let the country down was Chelsea, who couldn’t even beat the Swiss team Basel who brushed them aside at Stamford Bridge. Basel. Brushed them aside. Basel. Brush. No? OK then…

Big point scorers were Jermain Defoe and Wayne Rooney who both scored two goals, while Aaron Ramsey continued his good start to the season with another goal against Marseille.

In the Fantasy Soccerball Mini League the two Ryans are out in front with Fallon’s fals all stras leading Andrews’ AC A Little Silhouetto by 12 points.

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