2012-13 Player Review

Once again it was the year of the midfielder as the two highest point scorers this year were goal scoring midfielders who outshone the likes of Luis “he bites who he wants” Suarez and Mr RVP himself.

Gareth Bale took all the plaudits from his fellow professionals and cleared up at the PFA player awards and he managed to score an extremely healthy 304 points. But not even old monkey chops could catch one Mata of Chelsea (did you see what I did there?) as he romped away with the accolade of top point scorer this year with a highly impressive 331 points.

And in case you were wondering if you had chosen to play the following eleven players and then not made any transfers throughout the season you could have ended up with a whopping 2533 points:

P Cech
L Baines
B Ivanovic
J Vertonghen
D Luiz
J Mata
G Bale
E Hazard
T Walcott
L Suarez
R van Persie

Although you couldn’t have put this team together as they would have exceeded the £50m budget for your team.