September Manager Of The Month

OK, so it looks as though the majority of the issues have been fixed, although we are missing a couple of images here and there but that’s not that important.

So without further ado it’s time to start rolling! Oh no, sorry, that’s The Running Man! Without further ado it’s time to announce the September Manager of the Month Award.

It was a considerably low scoring month mainly due to the international break with only three teams scoring more than 150 points. Enter Name Here came third with 157 only three points behind second-placed Multiple Scoregasms. But they were 40 points behind the leaders FC Cocksuckers who scored 202.

At the other end, four teams belonging to two different managers struggled to score 100 points, with How low can you go answering their own question by coming bottom!

Here is what the full table for September looks like:

Fantasy Soccerball Manager of the Month League Table

With yet another international break coming up, the second transfer window of the season opens tomorrow at 9am and closes at midday on the 20th October so that means it’s once again time to shuffle your team about and get rid of the dead weight. So start looking at who to dump now…