The 2010-11 Results Service

Better late than never, huh? (didn’t I say that last year?)

It was a great season for Manchester as Man Yoo won the league and Citeh won their first trophy in 246 years as they beat Stoke in the FA Cup Final. At the other end it was a battle of the B and W teams as to who would get relegated and in the end West Ham, Blackpool and Birmingham will be playing in the Championship next season.

But the real winners and losers of the football season are those taking part in the Fantasy Soccerball Dream Team League. In the end there were 5 teams who broke the 1400 point barrier and there were only 43 points between them and only 13 points between the top 3!

They had been in the top three for most of the season, but Marcs Mavericks had a poor run in at the end and could only take 5th place with 1409 points. Next were Rock Bottom who went against their team name and scored 1413 to take 4th.

In third place was Marcs Marvels with 1439 points and they were four points behind On The Up who would have taken the title had they not scored so poorly in March!

But this years winners are What is in a name XI on 1452 points who win the title having won only one MotM award, so congratulations to them!

And so for the rest of you here’s the final league table for the season so you can see how well you did!

Fantasy Soccerball League Table

Well done to all team who won throughout the season and see you for more of the same next year!

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