October’s Manager Of The Month Results

Isn’t it nice to see Harry Redknapp moaning about something? If his face got any redder it would explode like Eyjafjallajoekull. This time it was Nani’s goal that caused him to turn a deeper shade of crimson.

Elsewhere Liverpool signalled a turnaround in their fortunes by scraping a 1-0 win against Bolton that moves them out of the bottom three until next week, and Sunderland suffered the humiliatino of conceding five goals against their Geordie rivals in the Tyne-Wear derby.

But after a weekend of such drama we turn our attentions to the Fantasy Soccerball Dream Team Manager of the Month Award, or FSDTMOTMA for short, as we announce who picks up the prize for October. Going into the final week No More Teams Doh and Fringe Putters were out in front but neither of them finished in first place.

Thanks to a 60 point haul in the last week it’s Just the Old Top 4 who moved to the top of the table and ended up on 190 points for the month. No More Teams Doh ended up in second with 184 points and Fringe Putters came third with 167 points.

The full table for October looks like this:

October's Manager of the Month

Just the Old Top 4‘s good month saw them move up 10 places to 4th in the overall table but Marc’s Mavericks are still out in front on 455 points. Here’s the current league table in full:

Fantasy Soccerball Dream Team Mini League

And here’s Nani’s goal again, just to cheer you up in the knowledge that Harry’s still fuming…

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