September’s Manager Of The Month Results

With only 10 points separating the top two teams yesterday, it came down to the last two Europa Mickey Mouse Cup League games of Liverpool and Manche$ter Citeh to determine who would walk away with September’s Manager of the Month award.

Liverpool’s poor season continued as they drew 0-0 with Utrecht, with no Gerrard playing and Torres having another poor game, while Citeh came from behind to draw with Juventus. Adam Johnson getting the equaliser. If anyone was expecting a large influx of last minute points then you’re going to be sorely disappointed!

So to the results… The Usual Suspects made a late surge and moved up from 11th up to 3rd, scoring 133 points. On the up took second place with 151 points, but they were both unable to overtake Marc’s Mavericks who led for most of the month and ended up with 164 points.

The full table for September looks like this:

September's Manager of the Month

In the league proper, Marc’s Mavericks moved up to first place from 8th and took over from Dyslexia Untied who dropped to 7th. Full Metal Waistcoat are up to 2nd place with Bex GP 1 just behind them in 3rd. While at the other end In for a penny XI moved off the bottom to be replaced by Allstars 22 who, coincedentally, only scored 22 points last month!

Here’s the current league table

Fantasy Soccerball Dream Team Mini League

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