Silly Season Gets Underway

The first of this season’s big money transfers happened today when David Silva decided he fancied a season of sitting on the sub’s bench at Manche$ter Citeh. The Spanish striker signed for £24m on a four year contract.

In 2008 Silva signed an improved five year contract with Valencia which would have kept him at the club until 2013 so expect to see Silva on his way in a couple of years when some other team throw a bit more money at him!

What is weird though is that a player of Silva’s capabilities would leave Valencia, where he was guaranteed Champions League football this season to go to Citeh who haven’t won anything for years and will only be playing in the Europa league this year. Actually they’re only in the play-off stages of it! Proof in itself that it’s all about the money these days!

The influx of foreign players into the Premier League that these huge amounts of money touted by the clubs brings has a detrimental effect on the English game itself. There is a serious lack of English talent coming through the junior ranks of clubs and those players aren’t getting the chances to play on the so-called “big stages” and as a result when it comes to our national squad they fail to live up to the inevitable standards the media places on them.

It’s all very well for the press to harp on about having the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Yoo always flying the flag for England in the Champions League (how excited were they a couple of years back when 3 of the 4 semi finalists were English?!) but when these teams only have three or four English players in them we can’t expect to do well at a national level.

So it is nice to see that this season the EPL introduced the home-grown players rule, which aims to encourage the development of young footballers at Premier League clubs. This new rule will require “all clubs to name at least eight players in their squad of 25 players that have been registered domestically for a minimum of three seasons prior to their 21st birthday”.

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