February’s Manager of the Month Results

In a typical weekend of football, John and Wayne didn’t shake hands, United won the Carling Cup and Arsene Wenger managed to find something else to moan about. In an untypical weekend, Portsmouth managed to win a game!

But it’s that time again to see who is the top Fantasy Soccerball manager with the Manager of the Month result. Things may be a lot tighter now that the transfer window has seen most managers put Wayne Rooney in at least one of their teams. This means that a good weekend for Rooney doesn’t really mean much any more, it’s the performance of the other players that will count!

After last weekend, Oh no not you again and Mollix Munty were leading the chase for the monthly award, with 158 and 159 points, but they only had a small lead over the next few chasing teams. However there were still plenty of points to be won with midweek games, the Carling Cup final and the weekend’s league matches to come.

Mollix Munty ended up on 224 points but Oh no not you again scored 6 points more to end on 230. But both of them were narrowly beaten by Rabid Vienna who, thanks to Carlos Tevez, scored just two points more to take the prize with 232 points. This was the closest finish so far with the top four teams all within 8 points of each other!

The full table for February looks like this:

February's Manager of the Month

In the overall table Post Room Boys and Oh no not you again were both headed in the right direction moving up to 7th and 11th respectively, while Fringe Putters fell 3 places to 10th.

The current league table looks like this:

Fantasy Soccerball League Table

If you click on the Teams link up there at the top of the page, you can see which players have been selected by each manager.

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