December’s Manager of the Month Results

Last day of the month. Last day of the year. Last day of the decade. Time to find out who’s won December’s Manager of the Month. Rumour has it that Gary Megson wants to join in the league now that he’s not got a Bolton side to manage!

You may recall that it was WHat coUld have been that were leading a couple of weeks ago with four teams following close behind. But there was still a lot of games to play and plenty of points to be won.

In the end it was WHat coUld have been that took top spot with a staggering 308 points, the highest monthly score so far this season. But as they’re only playing for fun, the prize goes to the second placed team which was Mollix Munty, who take the title for the second month in a row, with 267 points. In third place were Dobson First XI on 228 points followed by Post Room Boys on 205.

The full table for December looks like this:
December's Manager of the Month

And so as the year that people were calling 2009 or some others called “oh-nine”, comes to an end and we welcome into our arms “World Cup Year” where England will disappoint many by going out in the quarter-finals again, it’s time to take a look at your teams position in the league. If only we had the money and the time we could have put together a short montage of the highlights of the last 12 months along with some funny moments and classic quotes. Ah well, a table will just have to do!

Happy New Year!

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