December Update & A Pretty Graph

It’s nice to see Arsene Wenger hasn’t lost his Christmas Cheer! I wonder if he’d be moaning as much had his team beaten Burnley instead of drawing with them at Turf Moor last night? But it makes a change from Fergie bitching about it doesn’t it!

Anyway, after the midweek games it’s time for a quick league update and there’s one team way out in front at the moment but as last month proved, that doesn’t mean jack right now! WHat coUld have been are perched at the top with 174 points, mainly thanks to Carlos Tevez’s 50 points this month!

The two Dobson XI teams are in joint second on 118 points with the Post Room Boys and Fringe Putters following closely behind. But there’s still a long way to go including a busy Christmas fixture list and Wenger will probably moan about that at some point as well!

The full table at the moment looks a little like this:
Manager of the Month Table

In the overall table Fringe Putters are going in the right direction, moving up to 6th and WHat coUld have been have leapt 6 places to 5th, but it’s still the usual suspects out in front. You can see what the overall table looks like here.

And here’s your pretty graph, it’s good, isn’t it?! Click it to view it full size!

Progress Chart

Progress Chart