You’re Calling It What?

And the award for most ridiculous stadium name must surely go to Newcastle after it was announced that they are to rename St James’ Park to ‘ @ St James’ Park Stadium’!!

It’s been a turbulent couple of weeks for the Geordie club after Mike Ashley took the club off the market after failing to sell it for a knock-down £80m and then faced backlash from fans when he announced that they were going to sell the naming rights to the stadium.

Re-naming a stadium for monetary benefit is something that should just not be done, the club’s home is part of it’s identity. Imagine the outrage from the Scousers if they decided to rename Anfield the “Adidias Stadium” for example. And thousands of people living in the south of England would be up in arms if Man Yoo decided to rename Old Trafford!

If a club moves to a new stadium, then fine, change the name to whatever you want, especially if you’re being bankrolled by a major airline! Otherwise leave the name alone!

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