The Pointless Friendly

So England travel to Amsterdam this week for a friendly game against Holland. Why?

This has to be one of the most pointless games in the football season. Premier League managers shouldn’t be having their best players dragged away from pre-season training so that they can spend 45 minutes parading round in an England shirt in a game that means absolutely nothing to anybody.

The FA say that it gives Fabio Capello a chance to get to know his players and see them working together, but isn’t that what training sessions are for? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I thought the England squad get together a few days before an international and do some sort of training, working on formations, set pieces, etc?

No-one will be taking this game seriously. Both teams will make so many substitutions it will be hard for the team to gel together to put in a full performance. And players won’t want to run the risk of getting injured just before the start of the season so aren’t likely to go full on into a challenge. Except maybe for Rooney, he doesn’t really give a shit most of the time!

And what happens if a player is injured and is forced to sit out his clubs opening fixtures? A league manager’s 2-month preparation over the summer is just blown to pieces, all for the sake of a friendly game.

Having just seen the squad announced, you have to feel sorry for little Michael Owen. Once again he has been left out of the squad despite having a really good pre-season for ManYoo scoring 4 goals on their travels. I’d like to see him score a couple today against Chelsea, if he starts, just to stick two fingers up at Capello in a “you chose Carlton Cole ahead of me?” manner.

You can catch the game on ITV1 on Wednesday from 7.30pm or you can probably find it on the internet if you can’t get to a tellybox.

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