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Every season there’s teething problems and this year is no exception. After the second round of games it seems that everyone who’s got Jermain Defoe in their team is trying to log in as soon as they get to work, because from about 8.45am this morning anyone trying to get on was met with the following screen:

I managed to log-in about 8.30am to check the league table and everyone’s scores had actually gone down from the previous days totals, so it’s obviously an updating issue.

No doubt they’ll have it fixed later on today, probably around lunchtime when it will go down again. When it is we’ll update the league table to reflect the points scored in the midweek games. So for those who have got Judas Jermain Defoe in your team, I bet you can’t wait, eh?


Well it seems as thought the site is back up again but take no notice of your scores or league tables. There’s an issue with a number of players whose scores have doubled even though they haven’t played a game this week! I’ve noticed it with some Fulham and West Ham players. Take a look at Schwarzer, Collins and Nobles’ scores in this screenshot:

The Sun Not Working

…they’ve managed to accumulate more points without even kicking a ball. Rooney has lost a point for the yellow card he picked up last night though!


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  1. Still not up at 12.30pm. Wonder when they’ll get it sorted?

  2. Well it’s up now, but it’s reeeaaalllyyyy slow. And it looks as though player scores are still screwed as they’re score on your team pages appears to be double that of the score on the player’s own page!

  3. And it’s back down again!

  4. Sun’s Dream Team website is down for me since lunchtime today – anyone else?

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