Unable To Add A New Team

After Nic’s comments about All Star teams on the league page on the Dream Team site, I thought I’d go and create my annual ex-West Ham players team, What Could Have Been.

Unfortunately there seems to be a bug with the Dream team site, where if you are logged in and try to add a new team, on the second page (where you tell them what papers you read, etc…) you’re unable to select from the drop down boxes and if you try to proceed you’re told to complete those sections!

See here for a screenshot of the problem.

I contacted them to let them know and after they replied with information that wasn’t related to this issue, I got the following response:

Thank you for your email to the Dream Team.

We have taken your details as a lot of our customers are experiencing
this problem at the moment. This is a technical issue with the website
and we hope to have this resolved soon, we will be in contact once the
site is back up and running properly and you can proceed to register
your teams.

Kind regards.

dreamteam2 dreamteam2
Dream Team Customer Services

So hopefully this will be resolved quickly and I can get my all conquering team in!

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