David Beckham Booed

How nice it was to see LA Galaxy fans acting like children, booing David Beckham when he played his first game for the Galaxy after his summer stint with AC Milan. In my eyes, his hiatus in Italy can only be a good thing for LA Galaxy as it enabled him to keep up his fitness during the close season, which, considering his age could quite easily slip away. I should know, it happened to me this year šŸ˜‰

At least when he came to West Ham in ’98 he got booed cos he ruined England’s chances in the World Cup (OK he didn’t really, but it seemed like it back then!). And we built an effigy! Much better than those banners they had in LA!

According to eyewitnesses, one man jumped on the field to confront David, and was then arrested. Haha, idiot!! Fancy falling into an easy trap like that.

But Beckham knew what he would be walking into back in March, and as he said on Monday “You can’t be liked by everyone.” You should know David!

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