3 People Queue for Newcastle’s New Strip!

This season a number of clubs have unveiled some really quite questionable new strips. Chelsea’s armour, Everton’s v-neck and Man Yoo’s Chevron are all quite horrendous, but none can compete with Newcastle United’s new orange away strip.

When it was unveiled it came in for some harsh criticism from pretty much everywhere. Dubbed ‘the banana’ but looking more like a pineapple humbug, it seemed as though relegation to the Championship wasn’t enough humiliation for the Geordie club this year, what they needed was another reason for people to laugh and point at them.

And to everyone’s non-amazement it was revealed that only three people were waiting outside the shop at St James’ Park as the latest away strip went on sale earlier this week, compared to the hundreds that queued for the ‘new’ black and white shirt.


It’s nice to see Newcastle finally becoming the laughing stock of the football world (probably the only title they’ll get in the next few years!) after trying so hard.

Do you reckon Newcastle will come straight back up, or will they languish in the Championship for a couple of years? Place a little wager here.

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