Fantasy Football Team Names

Part of the fun of playing Fantasy Football, on whichever platform you choose, is coming up with a witty team name. If there is anyone out there calling their team something like Bob’s XI or Lee’s First Team then they should be automatically deducted points for having no imagination! Here at Fantasy Soccerball we enjoy […]

Week One Done

The Premier League kicked off on Friday night with a lacklustre game at Old Trafford, followed by a lucky win for Tottingham at Newcastle on Saturday lunchtime. Two of the newly promoted teams got beaten and Wolves were fortunate to get a point from their game against ten-man Everton. On Sunday the two league favourites, […]

20 Minutes To Get Your Changes Made

Time is running out to make changes to your fantasy football teams. With the Premier League kicking off tonight with Man Yoo playing Leicester it means the window to make last minute changes closes in twenty minutes…

Spurs Get More Spursy

With Liverpool and Chelsea spending more than £300m in this transfer window and even Premiership new boys Fulham, and Leicester and West Ham spending around £100m it seems strange that Spurs decided to spend absolutely nothing over the summer. Spurs will say that they already have a squad that didn’t require any improvement and didn’t […]